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i am a self-taught artist based in athens, greece. in the past i have experimented with wood, iron and rocks, doing sculpture and furniture however painting won me over.

i paint on any surface that inspires me, but mostly on canvas. i use acrylics, inks, stencils, posca markers, spray cans and anything else you can think of.


it was in 2010 when my artistic journey started, and recently grew in me a desire and a commitment to share my work within a larger audience, as well as to get more familiar with the business of art.

my style is influenced by urban, pop and abstract art, and my inspiration is drawn from superheroes, who have come to be a significant part in my creative process, along with science fiction, mythology, pop culture, games and 'stories'.


'secrets' will manifest when you look at the 'mirror' 


my belief is that an art piece is like a mirror, when you look at it, you see your inner self, or a part of yourself. keep watching at it and secret desires, wishes and hopes may manifest.

an art piece that expresses your inner self is an extraordinary piece of you. so it should be with you. then it will have a purpose.. to inspire you.

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